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Instagram for businesses

Many companies use Instagram to get their brand new spaces, read comments from potential customers, and be discovered by partners or suppliers. Two months ago, Instagram released an update which has become increasingly visible, and after two months the United States, Australia and New Zealand have been able to use this new feature.

To provide better services to businesses, Instagram has developed the ability to make easier communications from the client by sending email, making a phone call, sending a text message or check the company or store address.

vioclick instagram             vioclick instagram options

Also, you can keep track of each of the images you share, obtain demographic information on your followers. The new features will be found as Insights,  and incluides information as checking the number of times of your post have seen seen, the number of unique accounts that have seen your post, the number of accounts that have tapped your website link and the average times your followers are on Instagram on a typical day.  These metrics will help you in order to be more assertive to get more followers and more customers. This feature will be adopted by other countries gradually. As these tools are used, you could know how to monetize higher sales.

vioclick instagram insights

With this account update, your account could be connected to your business Facebook page,  which allows Instagram to quickly include your Page’s business information on your Instagram Business Profile.  Besides, you’ll be able to use your Facebook ad account to promote from Instagram, and use your Facebook Page’s existing permissions to allow other members of your business to manage your Business Profile on Instagram.


This feature will be adopted by other countries gradually. As these tools are used, you can get better knowledge about who follows us and how to monetize higher sales.


Note: Account switching will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android.

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