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What is a hosting for?

When we talk about a hosting basically is that what it is: a hosting on a server wich is supplied by a provider. On this server we can store images, videos, information, apps or content that a user can access trought the internet. The web hosting is a service that may change provider to provider both capacity, and speed, stability, security and costs. This will make it imperative to have the needs and requirements very well established so as not to acquire a hosting that may be underutilized, or that does not satisfy the requests. Importants aspects that you need to know before contract a web hosting service: Aspectos fundamentales que debes tener en cuenta antes de contratar un servicio de Hosting.

  • Operating System:

Linux: Perfects for the websites created with Joomla, WordPress, with a dinamic programation. They are cheaper and shipper and are some of the most used. Windows: Oriented to lenguages like ASP, ASP.NET and data bases SQL Server. These operating systems are typical of the server and are not related to the computers in which they enter the website, however it is important to know which languages are oriented each one

  • Broadband: While more broadband most speed in showing the website.
  • Costs and benefits of the service packets: Services like e-mails with the web site domain are some additional benefits that you can consider when you contract some provider.

It is important consider this aspects, neverthlees, most important thing when you are going to select your hosting provider: Be clear in the purpose of our website, as the language and data bases that you going to use, and you cannot forget about the quantity and content type.

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