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What is a database?

A database is an invaluable tool for any business because it manages and storages data, than you can use later to create interactive forms and publish web applications. It helps you follow up on new leads, identify the best customers, their buying habits and their likes.

Why do your business need a database?

Databases can store all the information you wish to keep relating to your clients. They make it easy when it comes time to:

  • Contact your clients by phone, email or mail.
  • Know what their preferred contact method is.Custom database
  • Issue bills, reminders or special offers.
  • Create marketing campaigns such as direct mail.
  • Recall previous charge rates or purchases.
  • Check special notes on file.
  • Track complaints or feedback.
  • Recall stated client preferences.
  • Determine client demographics.
  • Understand how your client heard about you for marketing purposes.
  • Track and report on trends across your whole client database.

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